ISPA 2018 Conference Tokyo


Interaction Groups

You are all welcome!
Get to know each other and discuss on issues of the ISPA 2018 theme.
Interaction Group Activity has been a long standing tradition within ISPA. This is a much valued opportunity for colleagues from around the world to share practice and ideas.
All the attendees are divided in a small group and discuss on the theme of discussion.

General Descriptions:

  • Come to the room where your group (shown on your name tag in Alphabet letter) is assigned after receiving your lunch bag.
    Room 6302 4 groups (Group A, B, C, D)
    Room 6303 4 groups (Group E, F, G, H)  
    Room 6304 5 groups (Group J, K, L, M, N)  
    Room 6305 4 groups (Group P, Q, R, S)  
    Room 6307 4 groups (Group T, U, V, W)  
  • Twice of 45’ to 50’ sessions (Thursday & Friday), during/before lunch and finish by 1:00pm.
  • The interaction groups consist of approximately 25 members. The groups are mixed: a good balance between student, early career, mid career, late career and retired members, and from different countries.
  • Each room will be hosted by 1-2 leaders; a leader is an ISPA-member who attends ISPA-conferences regularly and knows the association and the ISPA practice.
  • The each group has leaders/frequent attendees of the ISPA Conference, and those of you, who know the ISPA practice, are welcome to lead the group discussion.
  • The materials are provided by the facilitators and helpers in each room.
  • The ISPA Conference academic programs are assigned in some of the rooms before and after the meeting. Please be patient with the room to be available at the very beginning of lunchtime, and make sure to clear the room by 13:10 for next session .
  • Difference from other year ISPA practice: We do not have to switch the lunch time and interaction group activity like other years.

The Theme on the Interaction Group this year:

Promoting Resilience for Children Toward Life-long Happiness

The Interaction Group Activity ends with an outcome (a figure, a chart, etc.) at the end of the 2nd meeting. All outcomes will come together in a presentation made by the coordinator. This presentation will be available during the closing event by one of the ISPA executives.