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We welcome your online registration for the 40th ISPA Conference from July 26th to 28th 2018 in Tokyo. According to ISPA practice, we would like to note the following points;
Note 1: “Presenter”refers to those scholars, including co-presenters, whose name will appear in our Abstract Book as well as on the Conference Schedule.
Note 2: Co-presenters, (which are indicated in the submission form as “Presenter 2,” “Presenter 3,” etc.) who come to the Conference intending to present with a lead presenter, should register and pay the fee. The co-presenters cannot be considered “accompanying persons”.

Please read the following information before you proceed with your registration and payment.
Online Conference Registration

Conference Fees

Early Registration (before April 30, 2018, Japan time, GMT+9)

ISPA Members JPY38,500 (€290)
Non-ISPA Members JPY52,400 (€395)
Students JPY23,900 (€180)
Locals JPY30,000 (€226)
Local Associations' Rate JPY23,000 (€173)
Accompanying Persons JPY19,900 (€150)

Late Registration (from May 1 to July 28, 2018, Japan time, GMT+9)

ISPA Members JPY43,800 (€330)
Non-ISPA Members JPY57,100 (€430)
Students JPY27,900 (€210)
Locals JPY38,000 (€286)
Local Associations' Rate JPY28,000 (€211)
Accompanying Persons JPY23,900 (€180)

*Price in Euro might vary due to exchange rate adjustment.


Packages for all rates, except Accompanying Persons, include access to all conference sessions, refreshments and lunch for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Packages also include attendance at the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Party on Wednesday 25th, and Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party on Saturday 28th.

Accompanying Persons might have limited access to conference sessions depending on the situations. The package includes refreshments and lunch for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Attendance at the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Party on Wednesday 25th, and Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party on Saturday 28th, is also included.

Locals and Local Associations' Rate

The “Locals” rate is for participants who are living in Japan.
The “Local Associations' Rate” is for members of JASP, JSPA and/or JSCEP.
(in Japanese: 「Locals」は日本国内からの参加者を対象としています。
「Local Associations' Rate」は日本学校心理士会、日本学校心理学会、日本応用教育心理学会いずれかの会員の方を対象としています。)

Note for JASP and/or JSPA members:
(1) If you are a member of JASP and/or JSPA and are thinking to attend the two day course on July 27th and 28th, please register and send abstract through the Japanese Programs website. Further information about the Japanese Programs will be announced to JASP and JSPA associations’ members once the details have been finalized.
(in Japanese: 日本学校心理士会・日本学校心理学会の学会員の皆様

(2) To those JASP and JSPA members who register through the ISPA2018 website AND plan on presenting in the Japanese Programs;

  • Abstract(s) for English Program have to be submitted to ISPA website as well as ISPA registration.
  • You are unable to be the first presenter in any form of presentation in Japanese Program.
  • (in Japanese: ISPAホームページから参加申込をされた日本学校心理士会・日本学校心理学会員の皆様

  • 責任発表者として英語プログラムでの発表申し込みは、参加申し込みと同様にISPAホームページから行ってください。
  • ISPAから申込をされた方は、日本語プログラムでは、ポスター発表の筆頭発表者やシンポジウムの企画者にはなれません。
  • ※ なお日本語プログラムの詳細な情報は、3月にご案内する「第40回国際学校心理学会(ISPA)東京大会・日本語プログラム1号通信」にてご確認ください。)


As the first presenter, you can make presentations for a maximum of two times. There is no limit to the number of times to appear on the presentations as the co-presenter: however, if you have many presentations to join as the co-presenter, it might be possible that your presentations are scheduled in the different sessions of the same hours. For further information, see also the guidelines for the submission of abstracts on the Call for Papers.
(in Japanese: 英語プログラムでお申し込みの方は、責任発表者として最大2件まで申込できます。連名発表件数に制限はありませんが、個人の連名発表件数が多数の場合は、プログラム編成で連名発表に重複の可能性がありますことをご了承ください。英語プログラムでの発表申込についての詳細は、Call for Papersから提出用ガイドラインをご参照ください。)

The First Presenter
ISPA Conference (July 26-28)JASP and JSPA Conference
(July 27-28)
Single PaperSymposiumRound Table DiscussionWorkshopsPostersSymposiumPosters
ISPA Members××
Local Associations’
The Co-Presenter
ISPA Conference (July 26-28)JASP and JSPA Conference
(July 27-28)
Single PaperSymposiumRound Table DiscussionWorkshopsPostersSymposiumPosters
ISPA Members
Local Associations’

Cancellation by the Delegate

If a delegate can no longer attend the conference, the delegate may cancel their registration and receive up to 50% of the registration fee up to May 15th, 2018th. After the cancellation deadline, we will not be able to refund the registration fee if the delegate cancels or fails to attend.
NOTE: All Refunds will be made 1-2 months after the Conference. Bank charges will be deducted from the amount due.

Hotel Reservation

You can book your hotel rooms when you register for the conference through the web-system. For more information about hotels, please see the Hotels.

Spam settings

Please make sure your email system is set to allow messages from before you submit the online form. An automatic confirmation is sent immediately to your email address following your online registration. If you have not received a confirmation message, please check your spam mail folder. If you do not find one in either your inbox or other folders, please contact us at the following email address: ispa2018tokyo[at]

If you have any other questions, please see the FAQs.


If you have any inquiry about registration for the conference, please contact us via email.
ISPA 2018 Registration (L.O.C.): ispa2018tokyo[at]