ISPA 2018 Conference Tokyo


Pre-conference Workshops

Pre-conference Workshops on July 25

ISPA offers an opportunity to participate in several Pre-conference Workshops to help school psychologists from across the world to gain new knowledge and skills. All Pre-conference Workshops will take place on Wednesday 25 July 2018, the day before the regular program of the 40th ISPA conference begins.

  • Date: July 25, 2018
  • Time: half day OR full day
  • Venue: Bldg. 6, Tokyo Seitoku University


Online registration for the pre-conference workshops is now open!
Please note that attending the pre-conference workshops require advance sign-up.
If you would like to register for the pre-conference workshops, please send an e-mail to: including your name and affiliation (university or recognized academic institution).

Before you proceed with your registration and payment, please read the following information.

Registration Fees
Regular Fee Student Fee
Half day workshop: €60,- Half day workshop: €20,-
Full day workshops: €100,- Full day workshops: €50,-

Pre-conference Workshops

For complete descriptions of the workshops, click here.

Workshop 1
Title: Ethics, Test Standards, and Test Interpretation: Measurement Matters.
Presenter: Dr. Gary Canivez, Ph.D.
Time: full day workshop
Workshop 2
Title: Cultural Identities and Academic Achievement: Critical Knowledge for School Psychologists Working in Settings with Diverse Populations
Presenter:  Frank C Worrell, Ph.D.
Time: half day workshop, AM
Workshop 3
Title: Improving Classroom Management, School Discipline, and School Climate
Presenter: George Bear, Ph.D.
Time: half day workshopAM


Workshop 4
Title: Safe, Supported, and Ready to Learn: Social-emotional Learning Programs in Japan and the U.S. Help Build Children’s Resilience
Presenters: Professor Akira Miyazaki & Tonje Molyneux
Time:  half day workshop, AM
Workshop 5
Title: Social and Emotional Learning of Eight Abilities at School (SEL-8S) program (Japanese)
Presenter: Professor Reizo Koizumi
Time:  half day workshopAM
Workshop 5
Time:  half day workshop, AM
Workshop 6
Title: Developing Autism Friendly Schools and Communities
Presenter: Dr. Janet Muscutt
Time: half day workshop, PM
Workshop 7
Title: Comprehensive Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Post-vention in the Schools
Presenter: Scott Poland Ph.D. & Richard Liebermann, Ph.D.
Time:  half day workshop, PM
Workshop 8
Title: Coaching: A Versatile Strategy for Promoting Executive Skill Development
Presenter: Peg Dawson, Ed.D.
Time:  half day workshop, PM
Workshop 9
Title: How to be Confident, Competent and Calm during a Crisis at School Overview over Basic Strategies and Tools’ (translation available for Japanese audience)
Presenters: Odeth Bloemberg & Olanda Momcilovic
Time:  half day workshopPM
Workshop 10
Title: Mindfulness: Improving Your Personal and Professional Well-Being
Presenter: Prof. William (Bill) Pfohl
Time: 9 half day workshop, PM
Workshop 11
Title: Promoting Resilience Education: Enabling Early Years and Elementary School Educators to Implement a Resilience Curriculum in the Regular Classroom (RESCUR)
Presenters: Dr. Paul Bartolo & Dr. Carmel Cefai
Time: half day workshop, PM

Check out the ISPA Pre-conference Workshops 2018 for more information.


If you have any questions about the ISPA pre-conference workshops, please contact us at the following email addresses: