ISPA 2018 Conference Tokyo


Pre-conference Workshops

Pre-conference Workshops on July 25

ISPA offers an opportunity to participate in several Pre-conference Workshops to help school psychologists from across the world to gain new knowledge and skills. All Pre-conference Workshops will take place on Wednesday 25 July 2018, the day before the regular program of the 40th ISPA conference begins.

  • Date: July 25, 2018
  • Time: half day OR full day
  • Venue: Bldg. 6, Tokyo Seitoku University


Online registration for the Pre-conference Workshops is now open!
Please note that attending the Pre-conference Workshops require advance sign-up. Before you proceed with your registration and payment, please visit the ISPA Pre-conference Workshops 2018.
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Registration Fees
Regular Fee Student Fee
Half day workshop: € 60,- Half day workshop: € 20,-
Full day workshops: € 100,- Full day workshops: € 50,-

Pre-conference Workshops

Check out the ISPA Pre-conference Workshops 2018 for more information.

Workshop 1
Title: Ethics, Test Standards, and Test Interpretation: Measurement Matters.
Presenter: Dr. Gary Canivez, Ph.D.
Time: full day workshop
Workshop 2
Title: Cultural Identities and Academic Achievement: Critical Knowledge for School Psychologists Working in Settings with Diverse Populations
Presenter:  Frank C Worrell, Ph.D.
Time: half day workshop, AM
Workshop 3
Title: Improving Classroom Management, School Discipline, and School Climate
Presenter: George Bear, Ph.D.
Time: half day workshopAM


Workshop 4
Title: Safe, Supported, and Ready to Learn: Social-emotional Learning Programs in Japan and the U.S. Help Build Children’s Resilience
Presenters: Professor Akira Miyazaki & Tonje Molyneux
Time:  half day workshop, AM
Workshop 5
Title: Social and Emotional Learning of Eight Abilities at School (SEL-8S) program (Japanese)
Presenter: Professor Reizo Koizumi
Time:  half day workshopAM
Workshop 5
Time:  half day workshop, AM
Workshop 6
Title: Developing Autism Friendly Schools and Communities
Presenter: Dr. Janet Muscutt
Time: half day workshop, PM
Workshop 7
Title: Comprehensive Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Post-vention in the Schools
Presenter: Scott Poland Ph.D. & Richard Leibermann, Ph.D.
Time:  half day workshop, PM
Workshop 8
Title: Coaching: A Versatile Strategy for Promoting Executive Skill Development
Presenter: Peg Dawson, Ed.D.
Time:  half day workshop, PM
Workshop 9
Title: How to be Confident, Competent and Calm during a Crisis at School Overview over Basic Strategies and Tools’ (translation available for Japanese audience)
Presenters: Odeth Bloemberg & Olanda Momcilovic
Time:  half day workshopPM
Workshop 10
Title: Mindfulness: Improving Your Personal and Professional Well-Being
Presenter: Prof. William (Bill) Pfohl
Time: 9 half day workshop, PM
Workshop 11
Title: Promoting Resilience Education: Enabling Early Years and Elementary School Educators to Implement a Resilience Curriculum in the Regular Classroom (RESCUR)
Presenters: Dr. Paul Bartolo & Dr. Carmel Cefai
Time: half day workshop, PM

For complete descriptions of the workshops, click here.


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